From the Editors.

Jason Badgely. God Only Knows.
Lisa Marie Basile. Quetzalcoatl & Barcelona
Carol Berg. Self-Portrait As Bumblebee Knocked Between Your Bare Thighs.
Andrea Carlisle. Junkyard Dog & Sleeping Dog.
Sherry Chandler. Pterophylla camillifolia.
Mark deCarteret. The Squirrel.
Risa Denenberg. Harlow’s Monkeys.
Kathleen Kirk. Too Late.

Ron Kostar, GALLERY.

Karla Linn Merrifield. The Provenance of Wading Bird’s Feather.
Neila Mezynski. Animal People.
George Morre. Like Fish.
Dawn Pendergast. The Library of Communications & Mr Cow.
Vivian Prescott. Snail Woman Creates Man.
Sarah J. Sloat. Reindeer.
Linda Umans. ratification & Sylvia Sidney’s Pug.
Leslee Rene Wright. Crave, Craven & Murmuration.

Karla Linn Merrifeld, REVIEW. Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust.

* eBook cover by Julia Davies.